photo 4

The camp held at Sun Peaks was quite an experience. Our team of chaperones, composed by Liisa Wagner, Andrea Scott, Joel Emery and Morten Johanessen pulled off an impressive performance on their first trip as such. Hearty meals and good atmosphere were present. A big thank you to them. Without their help the camp would not have happened.

Our camp kicked start the season, with attendance of U12, U14 and U16 racers sharing hill space and meals.  It was great to see everybody also braving the cold weather. It was -27 out there, freezing cold!!

Skiing was good, snow was crisp and we enjoyed technical free skiing and gate training. Head Coaches, Mark Anderson (U12), Andrzej Lawnik (U14) and Gavin Preziosi (U16) provided guidance and sound advice.

Congrats to all racers that attended.