Inspiring Skiers for Life

Under 10 – 10+

All our programs have been developed to follow Alpine Canada’s recommendations for Long Term Skier Development for Alpine Ski Racing, as detailed in their AIM-2-WIN model.

This program goal is to develop speed control and skier confidence on a variety of terrain. Children entering this program need be able to ski on a green run and be able to load the chairlift themselves, or with minimal assistance. They are grouped according to skill level and age on the first day. Adjustments to the groups are done throughout the season to acknowledge skill improvements and ensure children are kept challenged and motivated.

This age group participates in events that focus on skills rather than actual racing. The focus is learning how to move and developing overall movement skills used in all sports. Critical windows of trainability at this age group include general athletic formation, speed of movement, agility and coordination. Two fun based skills events are scheduled during the season and participation is optional.


By the end of the season, children should have developed confidence on the hill, improving their ability to ski with speed and in a variety of terrain. A positive attitude and constructive feedback are fundamental tools to help children achieve success.

Twice during the season, at the end of January and April, progress reports will be issued. Progress reports, based on the nation wide Nancy Green Ski League (NGSL), follow the Husky Snow Stars manual which provides goals and certificates to award achievements and track progress. Every child may not aspire to become a ski racer; however the NGSL is one of the best ways to learn to ski well with peers and a qualified coach.

It is a fun and fast way for kids to progress into technically good skiers. Races are optional throughout the season; however races are a great way to develop friendships in a fun environment while demonstrating new skills. For more info about the nation wide program, please see www.nancygreeneskileague.

Years of Birth

2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011
YOB 2012 at the discretion of the Program Director only. Please book an appointment before signing up your child in the program

Program Info – U10

  • The U10 Program is a one or two days a week training program that includes all those who only want to ski on Sundays, and those who want to add another day during the week.
  • Runs every Sunday.
  • Thursday evening training is included in the price but is optional for training purposes.
  • Training time is from 9AM to 3:00 PM during weekends, and 5:30 to 8 PM during weekdays.

Program Info – U10+

  • The U10+ Program is a three days a week training program (two days minimum), aimed at those looking at improving their skills, by taking the three days option.
  • Training is available Saturdays, Sundays, and Thursdays evenings.
  • Training time is from 9AM to 3:00 PM during weekends, and 5:30 to 8 PM during weekdays
  • A dedicated coach will be in charge of delivering advanced training for a group composed of a maximum of 8 participants. Extra fees will be charged for this option.

Summer & Fall Dryland Training

While the on-hill season begins when snow falls, the dryland training season begins in June! Our optional summer and fall dryland sessions help prepare athletes for the season.

Typically sessions are a weeknight and weekend from June through July. Fall sessions begin again in September through November.


Starts SATURDAY JAN. 6, 2018 FOR THE U10+GROUP / SUNDAY JAN 7, 2018 FOR THE  U10 GROUP. Ends the second weekend of April (depending on snow conditions)

Optional Races & Camps

Races are optional (additional costs) and will be organized by the Program Director in coordination with BC Alpine Coast Zone and Nancy Greene Ski League.

Optional camps (additional costs) for training on Cypress Mountain will also be offered during Christmas Break, Spring Break and end of season if conditions permit.

Program Cost (U10)


Program Cost (U10+)


Additional Fees

Each athlete must pay BC Alpine insurance.  The BC Alpine insurance is paid at the time of Family Membership registration and is added onto the amount.

All families must also have a Family Membership.

Season passes and lift passes are not included. Members are eligible for club discounts for season passes

To inquire about our programs, please contact or