Volunteers are the back bone of our club. All families take part in roles such as administration and fundraising activities, Mountain Break Parents, and race day support. Membership includes a requirement of a minimum of 1 day of volunteering per family throughout the season.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator [email protected] for more information.

Race Day Volunteer

The Cypress Ski Club typically hosts a few interclub events and U14 Coast Zone race. These responsibilities, together with administrative and fundraising activities, mean that parent volunteer activity (NGSL through to the U16 program) is vital for the operation of the Cypress Ski Club.

Parent Coordinators

Each age group requires a parent coordinator. They are the liaison between the coaches and parent group, they help organize parent groups at races or events, get messages out to parent groups for general club events, and liaise with the program director or board if any concerns come up.

Mountain Break Parents

Two mountain break parents are required on the hill, every day when the NGSL program is running. They provide coaches support in minor emergencies such as illness, late arrivals, coldness, equipment problems, etc., so the rest of the team can continue training. This is a volunteer role maintained throughout the season by the parents and all U8/U10 parents are expected to sign up for a shift (this meets your minimum volunteering requirements).

Mountain break parent volunteers will be given a vest and radio and will be expected to be around the lodge area and available easily to the coaches. If a child needs to wait for their parent, one of the mountain break parents may take them to the club cabin to wait.