Inspiring Skiers for Life


The VST is a FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski/International Ski Federation) program aimed at racers who have graduated from U16 and are looking to continue the challenges of ski racing.

The VST is a year-round program and starts with general skiing preparation in May, dryland training in June, then summer and fall ski camps prior to the first competition in mid-December. Training is primarily held on Cypress and Grouse mountains, although VST also takes advantage of skiing at Whistler and Apex. The VST competes mainly in BC and Alberta, although higher level athletes will make trips to eastern Canada and the US if they qualify. VST athletes are eligible for a Canada West all areas pass which allows them to train at any resort in western Canada for a low annual fee.

Graduating to the VST does require an additional commitment, both financially and in time. VST is a joint effort of the Coast Zone Clubs, with active participation of Grouse Tyee, Cypress and Mt. Washington Ski Clubs.


The ultimate goal of the VST is two-fold – firstly to progress athletes to the BC Alpine development programs, and secondly that athletes continue their love for the sport and grow physically and emotionally through the VST program. Not every athlete has a goal of making the provincial ski team and the VST adresses those needs as well.

The program will give an athlete so many more positive lessons in life than just winning and losing. Some athletes will want to focus primarily on the home based program and races so they can direct their energies into education and so each program is individualized and is developed within the parameters of the athletes goals in ski racing and life.

Please contact our Program Director if you need more info.