The snow is here to stay!!
A big snowfall happened this past weekend, and more cold weather and snow is coming. Check this two other forecasts:
So planning ahead, our Xmas camp from December 28 to December 31 will happen at Cypress Mountain. These are the conditions:
  1. You must have signed your Family Membership and Program Registration
  2. You must have signed up your BC Alpine registration online. A link will be sent to your email address
  3. Price for the camp is $20 per day, paid in cash at the club cabin prior to going skiing.
  4. There will be a try and buddy day on Sunday Dec 27. Bring a buddy to ski with you that day. Only those that bring one can ski. There is no cost for this day. We will ski until lunch time, NO SKIING AFTER LUNCH. 
  5. Please click on the link below to sign up for buddy day and Xmas Camp. This is mandatory so we can plan ahead and have the coaches in place to provide good and safe training to all that attend. Enter your child’s name and attending.

U10 Xmas Camp Sign Up Sheet

I hope to see ALL the U10 for Xmas camp!!!