December 4, 2015

To all members and returning members:

As snow is falling on the mountains again and it is time to sign up for the upcoming season, we have received some questions about financial compensation for last seasons’ lack of snow and limited skiing opportunity on our own Cypress Mountain.

The information below details what financial compensation and contingency we as a not-for-profit organization will be able to provide.

The club will not be able to make any refunds of membership fees paid for last season, but as a way of compensation we will not increase the programs costs this year. They will remain as last season.

The contingency plan for this season should we again find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to train at Cypress Mountain:

a. If we cannot train on Cypress we will move our training to Whistler Mountain as we did last year.

b. We have secured a 40% discount on window ticket prices at Whistler for parents and children of Cypress Ski Club.

c. We are looking into alternatives to provide transportation for the children to Whistler to minimize traveling by parents and to lower transportation costs.

d. Once our season is running and we know the number of children signed up and the funds available the Board will decide if the club can partially subsidize coaches’ costs if it is necessary to travel to Whistler again.

e. We are also increasing our sponsorship and fundraising drive to increase the benefits of our club to our members.

Background for decision on compensation:

Cypress Mountain ended its operation at the end of January due to lack of snow, therefore we were not able to ski at our local hill for the remainder of the season. When this occurred, a contingency plan was put into effect whereas we chose to continue the season by providing training at Whistler. We were able to secure a 40% discount on the window price for children and parents.

Refund Policy

Abide by the current refund policy, copied below:

1. All requests for refunds and withdrawals from a program must be advised in writing to the Club Registrar. 

2. A full refund minus a 15% administration fee will be given if withdrawal occurs one week prior to the commencement of the first day of the program for the season. There will be no refunds after that date. BC Alpine Insurance Fees are non-refundable 

3. There will be no refunds offered during the season due to injury, illness or non participation in a program. 

4. If programs are adversely affected by lack of snow, the Club will offer extra days once the conditions are suitable or if that is not possible, the Club may opt to refund a portion of fees at the end of the season. 

2014/2015 season and the club’s response to the challenging situation:

1. The club organized training opportunities for the remainder of the season.

2. Though Cypress Mountain has offered substantial discounts on its passes this season we have to clarify that we are an independent entity from them. Cypress Mountain is a profit driven company owned by Boyne Resorts, which is the second largest ski and golf resorts owner/operator in the United States (Wikipedia). Their pockets are much deeper and can support the losses sustained at Cypress last season.

Cypress Ski Club apologizes for the situation. Since the club was founded in 1984 we have not had a similar situation. Yet despite the absolute lack of snow at Cypress we were able to still ski at Whistler and our children and racers had an excellent competition season.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly at any time.

Eric Konigsmann

President, Cypress Ski Club

Email: [email protected]