Spotlight – Clara Van Dyke

Volunteers are the the back bone of our club, and Clara deserves some extra recognition.

Clara was fortunate to meet Lindsey Vonn, winner of a whopping 82 World Cup races and Olympic gold. Vonn greeted U16 racers and volunteers during last Saturday’s race.

Clara has taken on the role as Race Admin for our U14 race at Whistler. The race admin is one of the key roles that make a ski race a success. They are in charge of racer registration, start lists, communication with coaches and the race organizing committee (ROC), organizing the Team Captain’s meeting, the bib draw, race program, race results, …and the list goes on. To gain more experience in this role, Clara recently volunteered at Whistler Mountain Ski Club in their Race Office for the U16 and FIS Parsons race series.

There are a few benefits when volunteering in the Race Office. You know the start order and the official race results before anyone else, and you always get to meet the most interesting people. 

Thank you Clara for all your hard work!

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The CSC U14 race will be held in Whistler March 2 – 3, 2024. Volunteers are still needed for both on and off-hill roles. Volunteer and learn more about the race office, electronic timing and more!

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Travelling Without My Parents for the First Time

Niki Afshari, a first year member of the U12 team, shares her experience of her first ever independent (from her parents) ski trip to Sun Peaks.

My first independent ski trip to Sun Peaks was a memorable experience for me. Despite all its challenges, this ski trip was one of the best I have ever had.

 Before I went on this wonderful trip, I had to face several challenges. First, packing electronics was a bit of a problem and it took up a lot of time and most of my bag. Second, I took more money that I actually needed and I ended up spending all of it. Finally, I had mixed feelings before the trip. I was excited to travel on my own for the first time and also disappointed because of missing the winter concert.

My challenges were not over even during the trip. Because of my long overnight conversations with my friend, it was hard to sleep. The tap in the bathroom was broken, the first time I used it, the water spilled all over me. Not having enough time was another challenge I had to go through. The ski training was really intensive and I did not have enough time to relax.

I learned a lot during this trip.

The first lesson is to call your parents or you would be in danger.

The second lesson is getting enough sleep or else you won’t be able to put your full effort into putting pressure on your outside ski. Next, plan what you will bring the night before or you’ll regret it!

In Sun Peaks I did not just go skiing, I did many other fun things. For example, going to the hot tub was very fun. It would be very boring if we did not have fun activities. We got to go to the hot tub almost every day and we made snowmen like “Kevin from heaven” but I changed its name to “Fred in the Shed”.

I was able to go out for dinner because my friend’s dad kindly invited us on the last day and I got to taste a new drink (Shirley Temple) which was also thanks to my friend’s dad (Chris). I also got to be with my friends for every single day which was nice. I even had them through the chairlift and lunch! The food was really good there and I highly enjoyed that.

The shops were very nice, I got to buy almost too much but no regrets! My hotel room was really big and comfortable.The reason I got to go into that wonderful hotel was because my friend’s mom(Kim) hosted me.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post.

I hope to see you soon!


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No more wet backpacks!

Have you or your child experience a soaking wet backpack? Here are a few solutions.

A rain and snow proof backpack cover uses an adjustable elastic band to provide a snug and secure fit over your bag, while still letting you wear the pack. It’s like a raincoat for your backpack!

We also recommend keeping a clear plastic garbage bag in your pack, and tossing it in this when you leave your pack outside. 2-Gallon plastic bags* for keeping space gloves, socks, next tubes etc. dry inside your pack too.

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