<p style="color: #303030;">Weather was nasty, but spirits were high this past weekend at Whistler. Under the expert guidance of Gavin Preziosi and Andrzej Lawnik, and the invaluable help of Hayden Sidey-Phillips, our team of 20, yes 20 racers gave their best at the slalom and giant slalom held at Whistler. A big thank you to Whistler Mountain Ski Club and all the volunteers!!!!!</p>
<p style="color: #303030;">In the GS held on Saturday, our U16 team scored some medals. Ana Guri 22nd, and Bruno Benucci 21st were Most Improved. Mariya Fedoroff came 24th, Emma Johannessen 28th and Cheyenna Gubana 32nd. Peter Konigsmann came in seventh place, Michael Reid 15th, Aramis Korchidian 25th, Joseph Kharboutli 28th and Dylan Curtis 30. Matthew Kuzek DNF.
In our U14 team, Ashley Slay was sixth, Isabel Shaw 31st, Grace Scharf 36th. Adrienne Pop DNF. Olin Wakkary was 10th, Mark Konigsmann 14th and Max Rudnitski 40th. Kavi Gandhi and Base Wagner DNF.</p>
<p style="color: #303030;">In the Sunday SL, our U16 team performed as follows: Mariya Fedoroff was 16th and Dylan Curtis 11th, both earning Most Improved!! Cheyenna Gubana DNF, and Emma Johanessen and Ana Guri were disqualified. Bruno Benucci DNS while Michael Reid, Aramis Korchidian and Joseph Kharboutli DNF. Matthew Kuzek and Peter Konigsmann DSQ.
Two, one run slalom races were held for the U14. In the first race, Ashley Slay came 8th and Adrienne Pop 15th. Grace Scharf and Isabel Shaw DNF. On the boys side, Mark Konigsmann was 12th, Olin Wakkary 13th, Base Wagner 31st, Kavi Gandhi and Max Rudnitski 35th.
In the second race, Ashley Slay was on the podium, with a career best 3d place, only 1/10th off the second spot. Adrienne Pop was 17th, Isabel Shaw was 33d and Grace Scharf 38th. Olin Wakkary earned a well deserved 4th, Mark Konigsmann 14th, Kavi Ghandi 31st, Base Wagner 35th and Max Rudnitski 37th.</p>
<p style="color: #303030;">Congratulations to all that participated, it was certainly a very intense weekend. It is quite impressive to see the team spirit that surrounds our racers and coaches.</p>
<p style="color: #303030;">KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!</p>