Club Day 2014 was a fantastic way to celebrate the 2013-14 season! The fresh snow did not get in the way of a fun (and competitive!) club race that kicked off the festivities. Its always great (and humbling for the parents) to race with the athletes and see the improvements gained over a season of training. The club race was followed by our club photo in front of the Olympic Rings – of course the snow kept coming!

The afternoon was full of great food brought by the parents and pizzas (thanks Graham!)! And of course we all anxiously awaited for Raul to announce the club race winners and awards for the season. Below are the results and season awards highlights.

Thanks for a great season and we look forward to seeing all of you again next season!!

Check our Shutterfly site for club day photos:

Based on national points and coaches’ input the following awards were given:

Outstanding Athlete – U16 Boys: Peter Konigsmann

Outstanding Athlete – U16 Girls: Ana Guri

Outstanding Athlete – U14 Boys: Olin Wakkary

Outstanding Athlete – U14 Girls: Adrienne Pop


Sportsmanship Award – U14: Base Wagner

Sportsmanship Award – U16: Matthew Kuzek

Race results:

Fastest Parent and Child: Jack and Colin Grant

Fastest Parent Male: Joel Emery

Fastest Parent Female: Morgane Oger

U8 Boys:

1. Kapuscinski, Max

2. Meneguzzi, Theodore

3. Khlop, Robin

U8 Girls:

1. Bouvier, Lily

2. Tokashiki, Angie

3. McDonald, Jessica

U10 Boys

1. Gandhi, Manu

2. Mao, Nicholas

3. Demers , Zachary

U10 Girls

1. Fameli, Gaia

2. Blouin, Sofia

3. Frid Lotenberg, Twyla

U12 Boys

1. McBeath, Evan

2. Khlop, Martin

3. Grant, Jack

U12 Girls

1. Johannessen, Lotte

2. Gandhi, Asha

3. Emery, Alyssa

U14 Boys:

1. Wakkary, Olin

2. Gandhi, Kavi

3. Kelsay, Ryan

U14 Girls:

1. Pop, Adrienne

2. Slay, Ashley

3. Scharf, Grace

U16 Boys:

1. Reid, Michael

2. Khorchidian, Aramis

U16 Girls:

1. Fedoroff, Mariya

2. Guri, Ana

3. Gubana, Cheyenna

Coaches Female:

1. Anguita, Micaela

2. Carreno, Ximena

3. West, Barbara

Coaches Male:

1. Pawlowski, Mark

2. Sidey-Phillips, Hayden

3. Zacharias, Graeme

See full results below.