This event, held for the first time is aimed at testing the fitness of U16 racers from the Coast Zone. Our club participated with 7 racers, 5 boys and 2 girls. U16 racers this season are those born in 1998 and 1999.
Our racers performed to the best of their abilities, and clearly the hard work during the summer is starting to pay off.
Within the girls, Cheyenna Gubana and Mariya Fedoroff finalized 13 and 14 among 19 participants. Definitely still work to do.
Among the boys, Peter Konigsmann and Nicholas Sommers finalized 6 and 7, with Michael Reid a close 9, in a field of 16 racers. An important detail is that these 3 athletes were the first in their year of birth. Congratulations!!!
Matthew Kuzek finished 14 and Dylan Curtis 16.

So, high five to all that participated, certainly a strong show from our club.

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