U10 and U12 at a memorable Sun Peaks NGSL Festival

More than 500, yes you are reading right, 500 children attended the NGSL Festival at Sun Peaks this past March 21 and 22.

And among those 500, Cypress Ski Club was there with a team of 36 competitors, 6 coaches and many parents, way to go Cypress!!!!

The events were Kombi, dual giant slalom, speed, jump and moguls. Our racers excelled in all these events, as you can see in the results attached below.

The highlight of the event for CSC was the 4 gold medals obtained, 3 by Lily Bouvier and 1 by Jack Grant. As Jack was getting his gold medal, Nancy Greene, who was awarding them told Jack “Cypress is back, finally”. But there were other top results in events that were not awarded medals, so take a good look at them.

So yes our future looks promising not only because of results at races, but mainly because we believe that a caring and compassionate community, formed by parents, coaches and children will provide for a richer environment where to raise our kids, teach them life skills and yes of course teach them how to ski fast!!

Parents attended en masse, and two different meals had to be organized in order to accommodate them all, one for the U10 and another for the U12. A big, big thank you to all the moms and dads, we hope to see you next season and many more to come.

Congratulations to all skiers, you certainly performed to the best of your abilities!!

Race Results:
Boys results U10-U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/boys_results_u10-u12.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Boys Results U6-U9 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/boys_results_u6-u9.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 Jump http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_jump.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 Kombi http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_kombi.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 moguls http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_moguls.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 speed http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_speed.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Girls Results U10-U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/girls_results_u10-u12.pdf?LanguageID=E…

Girls Results U6-U9 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/girls_results_u6-u9.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Jump Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/jump_results_u10_u12.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Jump Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/jump_results_u10_u12635312581505579025…

KOMBi Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/kombi_results_u10_u1263531258174246463…

KOMBi Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/kombi_results_u10_u12.pdf?LanguageID=E…

Moguls U10_U12 Results http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/moguls_u10_u12_results.pdf?LanguageID=…

Moguls U10_U12 Results http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/moguls_u10_u12_results6353125817435584…

Speed Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/speed_results_u10_u1263531258174496474…

Speed Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/speed_results_u10_u12.pdf?LanguageID=E…

Cypress Racers at the 2014 Teck BC U14 Provincial Championships at Sun Peaks

Our U14 team competed in the 2014 Teck BC Provincial Championships at Sun Peaks from March 13-16th. Almost 200 U14 athletes from all over the province competed in the four days of intense racing that was as much a test of endurance as it was skill. Our racers competed in 6 races overall, 2 single GS races on Thursday, a combined GS race on Friday, 2 single Slalom races on Saturday, and a combined Slalom race on Sunday. The snow conditions were hard to soft throughout the event with some unexpected heavy snow on Saturday! Cypress racers competed hard and had good results!

On the boys’ side, Olin Wakkary finished 10th and 6th in GS in a single and combined race, and 8th and 10th in Slalom in a single and combined race. Based on all the results, Olin was awarded 10th overall. Mark Konigsmann best finishes were 14th and 11th in Slalom in a single and combined race. Mark’s 11th place finish in the combined Slalom race ranked him only second in the province of U14s born in 2001! Kavi Ghandi’s best results were 64th and 71st in GS and Slalom, however Khavi’s best run of the event was the first run of the combined Slalom in which he moved from his 85th bib start to 57th – unfortunately he DSqed on the second run. Base Wagner held steady in his first ever provincials, scoring points by completing every race with his best finish coming on the last day placing 69th in the combined Slalom.

For the girls, Adrienne Pop had her best result on the final day finishing 21st on the Slalom combined. Adrienne also started the event well with a 27th finish in the GS on the first day. Ashley Slay had steady results all event with her best finishes in Slalom in 40th and 45th. Grace Scharf and Isabel Shaw, both in their first provincials traded times and made steady increases in speed throughout the four days. Grace’s highlight was finishing 58th from a bib start of 73rd in the final combined Slalom race!

Congratulations to all the racers for not only racing hard but for representing the club so well both on and off the racecourse! It is good to see the hard work of the athletes and the coaches Andrzej and Hayden pay off at the end of the season. We would also like to thank the Sun Peak Racers and volunteers for hosting a quality and safe racing environment.


Photo of Overall Top Ten Boys (Courtesy of Sarah Renzoni).

See BC Alpine for more news and results http://bcalpine.com/news/article/?2706

Find all the results here: http://www.bcalpine.com/calendar/event/?event=1641&cal=1

Be sure to check our Shutterfly web site for photos by Eric Konigsmann and others and check our Sprongo site for videos. Professional photos of our athletes can be purchased at http://www.alpineimages.ca

A very challenging Parsons Speed event at Whistler for the U16

Speed events per se are stressful. Going fast poses unique challenges, and requires a cool head to perform. The only way to achieve this is by training and racing in all conditions, as long as they are safe.

And against all odds, that is what happened at Whistler last weekend. It snowed a good amount, so racers and volunteers had to work hard to create that safe environment, and they succeeded.

Over the course of 5 days, the racers were able to get one training run on Wednesday, and one on Thursday.
Then the track was in good shape for two SG races for each gender on Friday. On Saturday one DH race took place, and the program ended on Sunday with one SG and one DH. That is an impressive total of 5 speed races in 3 days.

Congratulations and thank you to the ROC (Race Organizing Committee) and all the volunteers!!!

Our team certainly performed, and improvement could be seen throughout the days. Ana Guri and Peter Konigsmann were the fastest in our club, coming in 4th and 6th for their best result. Mariya Fedoroff also showed she is starting to go fast, and that her hard work is showing.

For results go to

At Mt. Seymour this past Sunday, a strong show from the U10 Cypress Ski Club Team

It was pouring rain last Saturday, and nobody really believed that next day the event at Mt. Seymour would take place. But Mother Nature helped us, and mercifully opened the skies to a nice day. So all U10 from the Lower Mainland gathered at Mt. Seymour for a great event. A big thank you to all the volunteers that put this together.

The day started early, more so due the the time change. Our racers met their coaches and headed to the different venues, where a glalom, speed trap, jump and impossible flush took place. It was lots of fun, and for those newcomers, the opportunity to see how a skills event is held. It was a good training opportunity for the big event at Sun Peaks on March 21 and 22.

In the glalom, the only event where awards were given, Lily Bouvier was first and Sofia Blouin was second in their respective age group. All results are here


You can also see photos on Shuterfly


So for many this is the beginning of a fun adventure, where they will learn to push their limits, test their skills and learn lessons that will help them become better persons.

Hope to see you all at Sun Peaks, but most important, hope you all continue for a long time skiing with us at Cypress. You will not be disappointed!!!

Cody Scott is first, Jack Grant third in the U12 Grouse Tyee Cup slalom

Under cloudy skies, our U12 team went to Grouse for a full weekend, to participate in the Tyee Cup.
A total of 14 athletes were trying their best to achieve their goals.

Our club collected hardware, in the hands of Cody Scott, who was first and third in the Saturday slaloms, 11th in the GS and 4th in the kombi race. Cody was third overall in the Tyee Cup final score.
Jack Grant also had a great performance, coming in third and eighth in the slalom.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and parents that helped make this a great event.

Please check out results at http://www.bcalpine.com/calendar/event/?event=1659&cal=1