I often hear the comment among parents about how much commitment is involved in skiing and so much more in ski racing. And I agree, the whole family will become involved when they all learn how to ski. Si racing of course raises the commitment to another level, and also the costs.

So what is in skiing and ski racing that can make it worthwhile? First of all, I think that all sports require commitment, but what sets skiing aside is that parents AND children can practice the sport together. Yes, skiing is the prime family sport, because all from cradle to grave can practice it together. You can teach your young ones how to ski, and enjoy their love for the sport, while sharing being outside, experiencing the thrill of speed and the conquering of a new and steeper slope. Yes we all know it is expensive, so why do so many people practice it?

Skiing and foremost ski racing pose unique challenges: adverse weather, difficult snow conditions etc. But the reward of being up on the mountains is unique. You will see your child having fun, learning how to set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, learning how to travel and developing a love for sports and a healthy lifestyle. Ski racing will help them learn how to manage their time, because they will understand that the pursuit of excellence lays the ground for success. They will make sure that they are good students so they can dedicate time to the sport they love.

So what in life does not require commitment? That, I think, is not the issue, it being really to understand the rewards that are in store if you embrace the challenge posed.

Having raised three children in ski racing, I can attest to the beauty of its enormous rewards to the sacrifices made.

This is not an exhaustive comment on what ski racing can do for your child, as explaining all the details involved is quite long. Bring your children and let them tell you where their dreams lie, and, like most parents, do everything you can to support them. Bear in mind that while they ski race, parents can have fun skiing, instead of sitting by the field while they play, say, soccer.

Give it a try!!!!