Why engage our children in sports?

After all shuffling them from school to their sport practice, acquiring the necessary equipment, deal with injuries and juggling time between school, sports and social activities is tough.

But certainly being active throughout a lifetime is a must to lead a healthy life. Sport and physical activity in itself may not directly lead to benefits but, in combination with other factors, can promote healthy lifestyles. Participating, volunteering, coaching and organizing sport can improve a student’s employability, health, confidence and self-esteem. Familiarization with practicing sports should start at an early age so it becomes ingrained in the living habits of our children.


One of the most widely-used definitions of health is that of the WHO, which defines health as: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This definition goes well beyond a condition of physical health but includes mental health and general well-being.


We ask you as a parent to become engaged with Cypress Ski Club, and through the marvelous sport of alpine skiing teach your children that pursuing a healthy lifestyle is paramount, and that through pursuing excellence in performance they will contribute widely to our well being as inhabitants of this planet.


All club members are invited to a potluck at Eric Konigsmann’s, our new President

We encourage all parents and children to come and get to know each other, exchange ideas and have a fun afternoon.

For all U10 parents it is a good opportunity to learn from the more experienced ones about the nuisances and ways of the club, what their experience has been and what skiing in the club has done for their children.



5021 Pinetree Crescent

West Vancouver.

From 3 to 6 PM

RSVP to our Program Director.

Thank you and see you on November 7

Our AGM Meeting held this past Saturday

Our AGM meeting was attended by a fair number of people, a big thank you to all parents that were there.

We have  now a new Board of Directors in place:

President: Eric Konigsmann

Vice President: Morten Johanessen

Secretary: Liz Gandhi

Volunteers Coordinator: Liisa Wagner

Treasurer: Paul Kevener

Alpine Committee: Ron Wakkary

Sponsorship: Joel Emery

Registrar: Sue Horne

As pointed out many times before our club relies totally in volunteers to function. Please step up if you want to make our club the “Premier Club of The North Shore”

Inspiring Skiers for Life, a vision

Skiing is certainly a unique sport. Most of us, when it gets cold and the weather is nasty, go inside and enjoy a warm atmosphere. Some of us enjoy the harshness of winter and relish on being outside while snow falls. The whole family, young and old, can enjoy skiing and it can be practiced throughout our entire life. Being in the mountains is exhilarating.

So why Inspiring Skiers for Life is our vision? Because through skiing, and here I am referring to alpine skiing and moreover, alpine ski racing, we can teach our children basic and more refined life skills that will inspire them through a lifetime. First of all, racing teaches them how to ski better than any other skiing mode. That is because racing the clock requires being precise, subtle, strong, and focused. By means of drills in enclosed environments, big mountain skiing in all types of terrain and snow conditions, and enjoying the groomers, coaches instil in racers the need to look for excellence in performance. This requires learning how to focus, persevere, set goals and many other aspects involved in performing. Also thrown in the equation are dealing with frustrations, recovering from mistakes, learning equanimity in victory and defeat, caring for their teammates and dealing with all the factors involved in a competition course.


So Inspiring Skiers for Life is and will always be our vision. It is the coach’s and parent’s responsibility to deliver this message to our children.


Racer’s Night at Swiss Sports Haus on October 26

Swiss Sports House has programmed a racer’s night on October 26.

Please read the info below:

Swiss Sports Haus

Cypress Mountain Ski Club Race Night

October 26th from 6pm – 8pm

Please join coaches and executive at:

Swiss Sports Haus 490 – 15th St., (15th & Clyde) West Vancouver for the annual race night.

– Special racer pricing in effect for all skis, boots & bindings.

– 20% off all in stock race accessories; poles helmets, tuning supplies, guards, etc. (Race night Only)

– 20% off new arrival in stock clothing. Outer wear, base layers, mid layers, socks, gloves etc. Applies to racer and entire family! (Race Night Only)


– A further 20% off remaining 2015 Club Priced Head skis (In store clearouts)


– 20% – 50% off Club pricing for Blizzard NEW past year skis! (Special Order Only)


– Meet the staff and experienced professional boot fitters.


This is the opportunity to order any sizes of any models not in stock.

Brands include: Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, Head, Fischer, Blizzard, Tecnica, Salomon, POC, Uvex, Swix, Leki, Spyder, Descente, Hestra, Icebreaker & X-bionic.

Please view more brand info at www.swiss-sports-haus.com


For information, call 604-922-9107 or e-mail the store at swissport@telus.net


2015 Annual General Meeting On October 24

Our 2015 AGM is coming up soon. We need all members to attend.

We will also take advantage of the occasion to welcome our members with hot dogs, hamburgers and a simple style buffet lunch.
Bring all the equipment you have for sale as a swap will also take place.
Schedule is as follows:
Lunch and equipment swap from 12 to 1pm
AGM 1 to 2pm.
I encourage all of you to please come and participate. To have a strong club, we need the help of all parents that sign up their children in the different programs. Without your support we can only do so much. Different tasks have to be fulfilled to make our club the
“PREMIER SKI CLUB OF THE NORTH SHORE”. So don’t be shy, come and make our skiing community strong. You will meet a fun, enthusiastic and supportive group of parents that love mountains and believe in skiing and racing as a fun and powerful educational tool for their children.

Notice of 29th Annual General Meeting

Cypress Ski Club



Notice is given that the 29th Annual General Meeting of the Cypress Ski Club will be held from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, British Columbia






Verification of Quorum:


  1. Call to Order


  1. Presidents opening remarks


  1. Approve Agenda


  1. 2014-15 Board Reports
  1. President’s Report for 2014-15 Season
  2. Treasurer’s Report


  1. New Business – Procedure for Voting
    1. Nominees of members as Club Directors
    2. Election
    3. Motion to authorize new Directors to conduct business of the club


  1. 2015-16 Board Reports
    1. President’s Report for 2015-16 Season


  1. Termination
    1. Motion to terminate the Cypress Ski Club 29th Annual General Meeting


  1. Open Forum- Questions and Answers





Nominees for Club Directors


President: Eric Konigsmann


Vice-President: vacant


Treasurer: Paul Kevener


Registrar: Susan Horne


Alpine Committee: Ron Wakkary


Sponsorship: Joel Emery


Volunteer Coordinator: Liisa Wagner


Secretary: Liz Gandhi

Racers Night at Skiis and Biikes On October 28

Racer Nights

Special racer evenings to get a better understanding of what is needed for this years race season

– Meet the Mfg’s reps

– Talk with the coaches

– Check out 2016 equipment


– All racers get race pricing on skis, boots and bindings – this is really cheap

– All racers get the race discount 20% off all ski clothing and ski race stuff

– Meet some coaches and talk about the season ahead

-they can help choose the right equipment for your athlete



Cypress SC – Oct 28 in Vancouver

1701 Third St Vancouver 604 738 3715

– Wax and tuning clinic

– Refreshments

– Entire family is welcome