Summer Camps will be held at Blackcomb Glacier and Mt Hood

Skiing during the summer is the best way to remember the skills acquired during last season, and learn ones that will be utilized next season.

Dates: July 15 to July 19, 2014
Coaches: Mark Anderson, Hayden Sidey-Phillips
Athletes invited: U12-U14-U16-U18 (season 2014-2015 age groups)
Goals: Acquire new skills in a fun and no stress environment
Only 13 spots available
Lodging at Whistler Athletes Center.
Transportation to and from the slopes in public transit. Fare not included in the camp cost.
Price includes:
1. Coaching and coaches expenses.
2. Lodging and meals
3. Lift ticket and lane fee.

Approximate cost: $980.-


Dates: August 20 to August 27, 2014
Coaches: Andrzej Lawnik, TBA
Athletes invited U14-U16-U18 (season 2014-2015 age groups)
Goals: GS and SL gate training
Only 10 spots available
Lodging at Tichy Lodge
Transportation TBA
Price includes:
1. Coaching and coaches expenses
2. Lodging and meals
3. Lift tickets and lane fees
4. Estimated cost of transportation Vancouver-Mt. Hood-Vancouver

Approximate cost: $1,600


Please address your questions to
Raul Anguita

Coast Zone Finals Photos

Hans Forssander from Mt’ Seymour Ski Club passed on his collection of great photos from the Coast Zone Finals in April.

This took some time since Hans had close to 6000 pictures to sort and edit from Zones. Check out the Shutterfly site for complete GS and SL pictures. According to Hans “I hope there should be at least one picture of each racer… at least I know that missed numbers were very few indeed (if any)!”

Please forward this mail to other clubs, parents, and racers who might be interested.

Thanks Hans for these great pics!

First fitness test season 2014-2015 on June 1st 2014

Kids of all ages can attend the fitness testing. Purpose is to benchmark and track your own fitness improvement during summer and fall. Coaches can also check for imbalances and weaknesses in the racer’s bodies that can be worked upon during the summer. There is no cost and all kids are invited. U12, U14, U16 and FIS participants should make this particular testing an essential part of their training, as it will set the baseline for your fitness development during this season.

Please make sure you come properly dressed and bring water and healthy snacks.

Location: Parkgate Community Centre (3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver)

Time: 2.00 – 6.00 pm (Each group has a designated start time!)

Coaches will meet at 1.55 pm for setup.

Racers should show up at the following testing times (siblings can come together). Please, be there AT the starting time as it is logistically impossible to provide proper warm-up if you show up later (insufficient warm-up may cause injuries!!):

FIS / U16 (2000 older): 2.00 pm
U14 (2002-2001): 2.45 pm
U12 (2003-2004): 3.30 pm
U10 (2005 younger) 4.00 pm

We will aim to be all finished by 6.00 pm. The tests take approximately 2 hours to complete.

We will to ALL tests to set a baseline for the rest of the dryland year:
1. Height
a. Standing
b. Seated
2. Weight
3. Vertical Jump
4. Long Jump
5. Agility – T-Test
6. Double Leg Penta Jump
7. 40 m sprint
8. Max push-ups
9. Box jump
a. 60 second Test (U14/U16 ONLY)
b. 90 second Test (FIS ONLY)
10. Leger-Boucher – Beep Test