Inspiring Skiers for Life

The deal is on for your family.
We receive a percentage of sales back to the club as complimentary tickets that we use for sponsors – so this really helps!

To purchase follow these instructions:

1. Use the following link to get to the log-in page:

2. To access these special rates you will need the following:

Username:   csc
Password:    EAGLECHAIR20

Please use the above user name and password in the appropriate fields to access the online sales system.
User name and password are case-sensitive.

3. You are now logged into the online sales system and will be able to purchase your passes at the discounted group rates.

Note that credit cards are the only form of payment for online purchases.

The pass you need to buy is called G8 pass. The deadline for the purchase of G8 season pass is November 15th, 2019.

3. Discounted G8 Season Passes Prices

  Cypress Ski Club Window
Adult $629 $799
Youth $399 $569
Senior $309 $479
Child $219 $399
Skooter $40 $40