U10 and U12 at a memorable Sun Peaks NGSL Festival

More than 500, yes you are reading right, 500 children attended the NGSL Festival at Sun Peaks this past March 21 and 22.

And among those 500, Cypress Ski Club was there with a team of 36 competitors, 6 coaches and many parents, way to go Cypress!!!!

The events were Kombi, dual giant slalom, speed, jump and moguls. Our racers excelled in all these events, as you can see in the results attached below.

The highlight of the event for CSC was the 4 gold medals obtained, 3 by Lily Bouvier and 1 by Jack Grant. As Jack was getting his gold medal, Nancy Greene, who was awarding them told Jack “Cypress is back, finally”. But there were other top results in events that were not awarded medals, so take a good look at them.

So yes our future looks promising not only because of results at races, but mainly because we believe that a caring and compassionate community, formed by parents, coaches and children will provide for a richer environment where to raise our kids, teach them life skills and yes of course teach them how to ski fast!!

Parents attended en masse, and two different meals had to be organized in order to accommodate them all, one for the U10 and another for the U12. A big, big thank you to all the moms and dads, we hope to see you next season and many more to come.

Congratulations to all skiers, you certainly performed to the best of your abilities!!

Race Results:
Boys results U10-U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/boys_results_u10-u12.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Boys Results U6-U9 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/boys_results_u6-u9.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 Jump http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_jump.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 Kombi http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_kombi.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 moguls http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_moguls.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Final U6_U9 speed http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/final_u6_u9_speed.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Girls Results U10-U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/girls_results_u10-u12.pdf?LanguageID=E…

Girls Results U6-U9 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/girls_results_u6-u9.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Jump Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/jump_results_u10_u12.pdf?LanguageID=EN-US

Jump Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/jump_results_u10_u12635312581505579025…

KOMBi Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/kombi_results_u10_u1263531258174246463…

KOMBi Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/kombi_results_u10_u12.pdf?LanguageID=E…

Moguls U10_U12 Results http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/moguls_u10_u12_results.pdf?LanguageID=…

Moguls U10_U12 Results http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/moguls_u10_u12_results6353125817435584…

Speed Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/speed_results_u10_u1263531258174496474…

Speed Results U10_U12 http://www.sunpeaksracers.ca/docs/speed_results_u10_u12.pdf?LanguageID=E…

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