The Cypress Ski Club AGM is scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 23rd.  It will feature the following:


1)      There will be a ski swap available as in previous years to allow for private sales of equipment between members.  This is a great way to get good deals on slightly used equipment.

2)      We will offer a BBQ lunch with buffet style hamburger and hot dogs and associated trimmings and drinks.

3)      The festivities will begin at 11:00 am with lunch to be served by NOON.

4)      The AGM will begin at 12:30 PM where we will present:

  1. Program Director update with plans for coming season.
  2. Review of club financial statement by treasurer.
  3. Election of board executive members for the 2016/2017 season.
  4. President
  5. Vice President     
  6. Secretary
  7. Treasurer
  8. Registrar
  9. Volunteer Coordinator
  10. Sponsorship lead
  11. Alpine Committee members
  12. Open floor for questions and answers from members.
  13. The AGM will wrap up by 1:30 PM.


The AGM serves as an official start to our skiing season which promises to be a great one this year! It is important to show interest in the club and support it with your presence and participation in this important event.  The returning board members and I invite you to come out and enjoy meeting other club members and also to get valuable information about the club and its activities.  Hope to see you on Sunday!

Location is at the Heritage Room at Cypress Mountain Base Lodge

Dryland for summer starting May 28th at Brockton Oval


Summer Dryland Program

Field dryland


Regular summer dryland hours:

Tuesdays @ Mahon Park, North Vancouver from 6.30 – 8.00 pm  and

Saturdays @ Brockton Oval, Stanley Park from 10 – 12 am

We will move dryland on some Saturdays to other locations to make it more interesting. Information will be sent out accordingly

Additional hiking sessions will be scheduled and announced at the above dryland sessions.

U16 and VST teams will have additional strength training opportunities.


Developing agility, balance, coordination and speed is basic to lead a healthy life and excel in any sport. This should happen before the big growth spurt kicks in during the teenage years.   This period has to be looked at as an opportunity to expose and teach the youngsters as much general athletic knowledge as possible.

Furthermore, as they hit puberty, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons stretch and grow.  During this period, it is key to continue working on the above skills if the individual is to adapt to their new bodies and progress to specific athletic skills.   It is also the easiest way to improve your on-snow performance and prevent injuries!

Dryland is open to U10, U12 U14 and U16 racers. Kids younger than 8 are welcome to the sessions, however for safety reasons they should be independent and able to follow coaches’ instructions. All groups meet at the same location but are then separated into categories according to programs.  Each category has their own dryland program. We will be working closely with Grouse Tyee and Mt Seymour, the other two Lower Mainland Ski Clubs.


Fitness Testing

Check out our calendar for updates on fitness testing. Although the kids like comparing their scores to each other, the main focus is to benchmark and measure own fitness improvements in each training block. The coaches also look at the various tests to identify any potential weaknesses and imbalances in the racer’s bodies. There is no cost for the dryland testing and all kids are invited.


If your family is already involved in other sports during the school year, we encourage you to pursue those sports 100%. You can use our fitness program as a supplement and expose the kids to ski specific movements.


This season there will be a fee of $195 for dryland. This fee covers summer and fall dryland. Please click HERE to pay.

We hope to see a  big number of our racers participating!!!

Whistler Cup wraps up with a strong performance from Olin Wakkary

Our U14 and U16 racers participated in Whistler Cup with mixed results.

Olin Wakkary had an intense weekend with a slow result in the SG, finished 35, falling in the SL, and a strong result in GS. Starting with bib 60, he finished 23 in the first run. Starting 8 in the second run, he posted the 4th fastest run, and the fastest canadian. He finished 15, a very good result.

In the U14 Gs girls, with 134 racers participating, Alyssa Emery finished 45th. Lotte Johannessen 79th and Asha Gandhi 92. On the boys side in the slalom, Cody Scott did not finish, Max Wagner was disqualified and Holden Jones finished 84.

In the U14 SL for girls, Asha Gandhi was 60, Lotte Johannessen 70 and Alyssa Emery did not finish the second run. On the boys GS Cody Scott was 43 and Holden Jones was 108. Max Wagner did not start as he fell during the warm up runs in the morning.

A fun event, with lots of emotion. Congratulations to all our racers!!!!




Our U16 team went all the way to Panorama to participate in the last series of open races. Skiers from Alberta and BC participated, raising the competition level considerably.

Two SG for each gender were held on Friday. Adrienne Pop placed 37 and 45 among 90 competitors. Olin Wakkary was 45 and Kavi Gandhi 94.

Saturday was GS day. Adrienne DQ on the first run. Olin was second, skiing superbly, and Kavi was 80.

In the Sunday SL Adrienne finished 36, and Kavi was 57, both posting their best result of the series. Olin was DQ.

With his second place on the GS, Olin was named to the TEAM BC competing in the Whistler Cup from April 1st to 3d, at Whistler-Blackcomb.

Thanks to U16 Head Coach Gavin Preziosi for his professionalism and dedication. Gavin will be part of Team Canada coaching staff at Whistler Cup!!!


We are searching for all BC Alpine ski racing alumni.  We have not done a good job of tracking and engaging this important group, but that’s about to change.  Check out the link above and let us know you’re still out there.  We are offering you a chance to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter/update beginning in the fall of 2016.  We want to keep you in the loop and also build a list of contacts to let you know of any upcoming special events. You will eventually be able to go to our website (www.bcalpine./com) and search for others from your club and year of birth (which could be scary).


Thanks to all, and you will hear back from us in the fall of 2016.  Please help get the word out and we look forward to hearing from you.


   Bruce Goldsmid · CEO – BC Alpine Ski Association  · bruceg@bcalpine.com  ·  www.bcalpine.com  ·  604.678.3073


Roan Foster-Ortmayr Speeding
Roan Foster-Ortmayr Speeding
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Forty three racers from the U10 and U12 groups had a blast at Sun Peaks this past weekend. Participating in the biggest event in the Province with more than 400 racers attending is always a challenge and an opportunity to have fun and make new friends.

Coaches Graeme Zacharias, Molly Wallace, Nela Djordevic, Sarah Fedoroff and Rachel Abbott steered our U10 racers to help them perform and take advantage of all the different challenges that Sun Peaks Club had prepared. Hayden Sidey-Phillips, our U12 Head Coach was there to monitor his racer’s performance.

Our podium performers were:

Speed trap born 2006: Roan Foster Ortmayr collected the gold medal!! speeding at 78 km/hour

Dual glalom:

YOB 2005: Manu Gandhi 9th place

YOB 2006: Nicolas Cioata


YOB 2005: Jacquie Garret 1st place

YOB 2005: Aamiya Sidhu 3d place

A big get together was held, with more than 90 people attending. That is growing the club!!!!!

Thank you to Sun Peak Racers for hosting this awesome event and to all the volunteers that make it happen


U14s revisit Slash, Moons, Ripcord, Trumpeter

An excellent weekend of training for U14 at Cypress this past weekend.
After a great day of Slalom training on Saturday, we had a great day of free skiing on Sky Chair, Eagle and Lions in about 40cm of new snow.
Excellent conditions on Rip Cord, Bowen Face, Bowen Trees, Slash, Moons, Trumpeter and Hose Side.

The end of the day is confirmed.

The end of the day is confirmed.

Olin Wakkary at top of podium in “classic” Enquist Slalom at Mt. Seymour

It was a long time coming, and finally it arrived. Olin Wakkary’s first place in the Enquist slalom last Sunday at Mt. Seymour feels good. Gavin Preziosi, U16 Head Coach has been working hard with his racers to improve their skiing and this is a sweet reward. Mark Konigsmann is moving up, with a solid 7th place finish. Mark is number 1 in his age group, so things are looking good for next season.

As Hans Forssander wrote “Roused by the hunt for the prestigious Enquist trophies, the young alpine racers put on a breathtaking show of skills and athleticism.” Very good skiing and tough competition was seen at the race.

Base Wagner finished 21 on Saturday and DNF on Sunday. Maria Fedoroff finished 11th on Saturday and 12th on Sunday, and Emma Johannessen finished 21 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday.

Congratulations to all our Cypress Ski Club racers. Our club is getting stronger everyday. We had not been on the first place on the podium in a while, and it is rewarding to see the improvements.

A big thank you to all the volunteers that work so hard putting this races together. Without their help in these events and in the general organizing of our sport we would not be able to provide our racers with the means they need to excel.

Enquist Podium 1 Enquist Podium 2