All families must pay for the Cypress Ski Club family membership and BC Alpine insurance fees  along with paying for the program fees.
The Family Membership cost is $200.00.

In addition to Family Membership, a BC Alpine liability insurance for children and parents is added in the registration process. Below are the tariffs.

Category Name Ages Years of Birth Current Cost

(these are season 2016-2017 costs. They might vary for the upcoming season)

EL Entry Level 6 11 2006 – 2011 $80.00
NC National Competitor Card 12 21 1996 – 2005 $147.00
RP Recreational Program 10 16 2001 – 2007 $111.00
CO Coach 15 + 2002 or earlier $33.00
FIS-AC FIS Alpine (Canadian) 16 + 2001 or earlier $347.00
FIS-A FIS Alpine (Int’l) 16 + 2001 or earlier $565.00
GM General Member 4 + 2013 or earlier $34.65

Please note that BC Alpine categories are based on year of birth (YOB) rather than on the age the insurance is bought. For more information please visit the BC Alpine website

Please note:

Family membership registration is necessary to participate in any club activities including dryland training.

It is effective July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2018.

Membership fees help to offset administrative costs that the club incurs.

As a second step of your registration you will need to do a Program Registration for your athlete(s). This registration will consist of the program fees specific to the Program you choose. These fees are applied to the coaching costs of the Program.

Please contact Program Director Raul Anguita if you have any further inquiries.