U14 – Ideal Slalom Race at Whistler

Our U14 team had a great weekend of racing slalom in Whistler this past weekend. Stellar snow conditions, sun shine and -6 temps set the stage for an ideal race weekend for the 100 competitors.

Rather than the usual very steep and difficult pitch on Lower Ptarmigan, the gates were set higher up the slope on much more forgiving terrain where the athletes could really seek out speed and let it go (Club 21 bench to Sunset Can). This made for an excellent and exciting first race of the season.

There were several kids skiing very good slalom which made for great spectating.  Congratulations to Cody for his excellent 4th and 5th placings as well as Alyssa for her well earned 1oth place.  Lotte and Asha both skied well placing just out of the top 10 in the top 15.  Max made key adjustments for the 2nd day and  made it to 20th place on the 2nd run on Sunday…great job for the first race of his first U14 season.

It is clear from this race how our team can go even faster in slalom and we will have a good time working on that in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks to WMSC for hosting a terrific event.

The good times continue this coming weekend as we go to Mt Washington for GS races.





















U12 Holiday camp!

The camp was a great success, and we all had a blast skiing together! The first couple days were more powder skiing, then once the sun came out we were able to get some gates in the ground! We were able to get a great couple days in on our new training centre and have a blast too! I’ve included a bunch of pictures down below of the group on a couple different days.


The group above the run “Under the Volcano”!! My attempt at a selfie with everyone.


The group on “Under the Volcano”. Sat, Jan 2nd.


The group on “Under the Volcano”. Thur, Dec 31.


Top of Raven Chair!


Going up Lions chair! Powder central!!


The kids gave me a nickname after this cat I was looking after over the holidays. His name is turtle.


Our U10 skiers started the new season on a sunny day!!

This past Sunday our U10 gang hit the slopes on a gorgeous sunny day. More than 40 enthusiastic skiers met their coaches at the club cabin and left for the slopes. After sorting them out in groups according to skiing skills, the NGSL bibs could be spotted all over Cypress Mountain.

They even got a taste of our new training centre at Lower Bowen (LBTC).

This was a very auspicious start for our program and we hope all the children learn a lot and have fun, along with their coaches.


U10 first day at cabin Jan 03, 2016 U10 at the LBTC Jan 03, 2016

Today we inaugurated our new training centre at Cypress Mountain!!

A gorgeous sunny day greeted us today on our first training session at our new training centre at Cypress.

Thanks to the support of Cypress Mountain, we now have a dedicated terrain we can work in, that offers great training conditions for all ages. Today U12, U14 and U 16 racers had the opportunity to train tall gates slalom and slalom drills with brushes and stubbies. There is a lot of terrain to be used to develop skills in slalom and giant slalom.

We thank Steve Williamson and all the Cypress Mountain staff for their support in accomplishing this.


U12 Christmas/Holiday Camp

We’ve had a great couple days up at cypress so far during the holidays, we’ve been skiing fresh powder all week! I’m pleased about how many of the kids have been coming out, and I’m stoked on how well everyone’s been skiing! We’ve been doing some gnarly skiing all week and everyone’s been shredding! We’ve got one more day to go before christmas, then we’re going to start into the second part of the camp up until New Year’s eve. It looks like the snow’s going to KEEP COMING! So get ready for some more great skiing!


Here we all are at the top of sky chair on Monday!


Snow is Here, U10 Xmas Camp, Try and Buddy Day coming up!!

The snow is here to stay!!
A big snowfall happened this past weekend, and more cold weather and snow is coming. Check this two other forecasts:
So planning ahead, our Xmas camp from December 28 to December 31 will happen at Cypress Mountain. These are the conditions:
  1. You must have signed your Family Membership and Program Registration
  2. You must have signed up your BC Alpine registration online. A link will be sent to your email address
  3. Price for the camp is $20 per day, paid in cash at the club cabin prior to going skiing.
  4. There will be a try and buddy day on Sunday Dec 27. Bring a buddy to ski with you that day. Only those that bring one can ski. There is no cost for this day. We will ski until lunch time, NO SKIING AFTER LUNCH. 
  5. Please click on the link below to sign up for buddy day and Xmas Camp. This is mandatory so we can plan ahead and have the coaches in place to provide good and safe training to all that attend. Enter your child’s name and attending.

U10 Xmas Camp Sign Up Sheet

I hope to see ALL the U10 for Xmas camp!!!

Olin Wakkary Selected to Rising Stars Camp, Gavin Preziosi will be BC Head Coach

Olin Wakkary has been selected among the best in the Province to attend the Rising Stars camp from Dec 10 to Dec 13 at Sun Peaks. Olin is part of a team of 8 boys and 8 girls that will work with a similar team from Alberta. Gavin Preziosi, our U16 Head Coach has been chosen to guide the team as BC Head Coach, with the help of three Assistant Coaches.  This nomination is very important for our club, as it shows the degree of confidence BC Alpine has in our coaching staff. The camp

Way to go Cypress!!! Have a successful camp.

You can read the post at BC Alpine

Tuning Clinic hosted by Sidecut

As in previous seasons, Sidecut, a ski tuning tools manufacturer out of Whistler. will host a tuning clinic this coming Thursday December 10.

Don’t lose this opportunity to learn how to tune and to get the latest trends in race tuning. Chris Hillier, Sidecut owner will be there to host the clinic. Tuning tools at a discounted price will also be available.

Where: 5021 Pinetree Crescent, West Vancouver, BC.

When: Thursday December 10 at 6pm