2017 Fall Dryland Training – Join in!

The 2017 / 2018 season is underway and there is still time to join in!

Dryland training sessions are underway for U10, U12 and U14 that run 3 times per week – see your Teams’s teamsnap schedule for more location and times.  Simply show-up and sign-in.  Payment will requested be later in the fall.  (Fall dryland is $150).  The sessions are done together with Grouse and Seymour so there are plenty of other racers and parents around.  Along with learning to enjoy physical training, the main activities improve: agility, balance, coordination, anaerobic, aerobic, strength, stability, movement, posture.

For the majority of fast ski-racers and great skiers, the fall is a time for preparing athletically in advance of the ski season.  This is most often done by attending dryland training 2 to 3 times per week and playing demanding sports such as mtn biking, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, squash, ultimate, track, rugby, challenging hiking and trail running.

First session is free!

Schedule times and locations are on your team’s teamsnap schedule.










First fitness test season 2014-2015 on June 1st 2014

Kids of all ages can attend the fitness testing. Purpose is to benchmark and track your own fitness improvement during summer and fall. Coaches can also check for imbalances and weaknesses in the racer’s bodies that can be worked upon during the summer. There is no cost and all kids are invited. U12, U14, U16 and FIS participants should make this particular testing an essential part of their training, as it will set the baseline for your fitness development during this season.

Please make sure you come properly dressed and bring water and healthy snacks.

Location: Parkgate Community Centre (3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver)

Time: 2.00 – 6.00 pm (Each group has a designated start time!)

Coaches will meet at 1.55 pm for setup.

Racers should show up at the following testing times (siblings can come together). Please, be there AT the starting time as it is logistically impossible to provide proper warm-up if you show up later (insufficient warm-up may cause injuries!!):

FIS / U16 (2000 older): 2.00 pm
U14 (2002-2001): 2.45 pm
U12 (2003-2004): 3.30 pm
U10 (2005 younger) 4.00 pm

We will aim to be all finished by 6.00 pm. The tests take approximately 2 hours to complete.

We will to ALL tests to set a baseline for the rest of the dryland year:
1. Height
a. Standing
b. Seated
2. Weight
3. Vertical Jump
4. Long Jump
5. Agility – T-Test
6. Double Leg Penta Jump
7. 40 m sprint
8. Max push-ups
9. Box jump
a. 60 second Test (U14/U16 ONLY)
b. 90 second Test (FIS ONLY)
10. Leger-Boucher – Beep Test

1st Alpine Athletic Champion U16 Challenge held on Oct. 20

This event, held for the first time is aimed at testing the fitness of U16 racers from the Coast Zone. Our club participated with 7 racers, 5 boys and 2 girls. U16 racers this season are those born in 1998 and 1999.
Our racers performed to the best of their abilities, and clearly the hard work during the summer is starting to pay off.
Within the girls, Cheyenna Gubana and Mariya Fedoroff finalized 13 and 14 among 19 participants. Definitely still work to do.
Among the boys, Peter Konigsmann and Nicholas Sommers finalized 6 and 7, with Michael Reid a close 9, in a field of 16 racers. An important detail is that these 3 athletes were the first in their year of birth. Congratulations!!!
Matthew Kuzek finished 14 and Dylan Curtis 16.

So, high five to all that participated, certainly a strong show from our club.

To learn more about the Alpine Athletic Challenge go to http://www.alpineathleticchamp.com/

Summer 2013 activities update

Summer is fast leaving us, and it has been an eventful one. The club has gained new momentum, organizing its own dryland and on snow camps, with great success. It is of paramount importance that athletes participate and become part of a stronger club. We are certainly on the right path to regain our strength and continue on our pursuit of excellence.

Below there is some info on our summer activities so far:

“Hi everybody,

thank you to all the athletes and their parents who showed up to our dryland sessions and/or participated in our July Glacier Camp in Whistler. It’s been great to see so many of you! That for sure is a really good sign before next winter season and promises further expansion and growth of our Club in general.

In our drylands we focused on developing the general components of athletic performance related to alpine skiing such as coordination, endurance, strength, speed and flexibility.
Starting in Spring there have been 2 sessions a week: Thursdays at Ambleside Park and Saturdays at the Capilano Rugby Club. There are only 2 more sessions left in August scheduled for the 8th and 11th.

And then there is Mt.Hood camp. We are going to train for 10 days on and off the snow.

We return to our regular dryland programm in the middle of September.

There will be 3 sessions per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In addition, there is a gymnastics session planned to be held at West Vancouver Community Centre. This will be available at an extra fee and to a limited number of athletes.The details concerning the possibility of signing up your child will be announced shortly.

Hope you are enjoying your summer time!’


“HI All,

I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather and that you are staying active throughout the clear sunny days, whether you are here in Vancouver or away on your vacation.

Some of our athletes just got back from Glacier Camp on Blackcomb Mountain where for six days in a row they trained hard from early mornings till afternoons on great firm conditions up on the glacier, on and off the course. Thanks to BC Alpine we had a chance to train with two members of the Canadian Ski Team – Morgan Pridy and Sasha Zaitsoff – who skied one day with our athletes individually, giving them some invaluable tips! You can watch some of the runs we have done with them on www.sprongo.com website

Afternoons were devoted to dry land sessions.Wanting to keep the kids interested, we introduced something new and unexpected almost everyday. One day, we trained with the above mentioned Canadian Ski Team athletes, some other day hiked to the Loggers lake where the kids had a chance to jump in the water. We also had two days devoted to jumping on the trampolines at Whistler Bounce. In between skiing and dryland, there was time for relaxation, which is also a very important part of the training.
I hope that next year more of our athletes will join us in this fantastic opportunity which training in the summer up on a glacier for sure offers, particularly considering how short the distance from Vancouver to Whistler is. It is very important to not to lose touch with snow in summertime.