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The importance of goal setting

Goal setting is an integral part of moving through life in a fulfilling manner. It provides a focus that channels our energies; it helps us to maintain our perseverance, and allows us to enjoy the ride while striving for our goal. In skiing, this life skill is developed from an early age, as it is […]

Deadline for season’s pass purchase extended

Cypress Mountain has kindly extended the deadline for the purchase of discounted season’s passes. Log to our website and click on Join the Club, then Discounted Season Passes, and follow instructions. This offer is open to all your family members, friends, neighbours etc. DEADLINE IS NOW DECEMBER 31ST, 2014. Hurry!! Buying through us helps our […]

Why tuning skis is so important….

      Last night, at our Club Cabin, Christian Hillier from Sidecut hosted a tuning clinic. The importance of properly tuned skis can never be overemphasized. But to properly tune skis is an art, that can only be learned by listening to an expert and then tuning a lot of skis. A properly tuned […]


Cypress Ski Club is pleased to publish a new website. Our aim is to provide our members with a place easy to navigate, that will truly become the meeting point for online information about our activities. We also aim to offer those interested in joining us with a more comprehensive tool to learn about our […]