The importance of goal setting

Goal setting is an integral part of moving through life in a fulfilling manner. It provides a focus that channels our energies; it helps us to maintain our perseverance, and allows us to enjoy the ride while striving for our goal. In skiing, this life skill is developed from an early age, as it is essential in guiding a skiing development, and eventually, a skiing career.

Alpine ski racing is tough. We are outside in the winter, in weather conditions that can get very nasty. Our play field is ever changing. Snow quality is never the same, settings depend on the coach. We need good equipment that has to be constantly maintained, and then a difference of 1/100th of a second determines being #1 or#2 in a race. So goal setting is very important, it increases motivation.

To set goals, it is advisable to follow some guidelines.

Long term goals: these are goals that specify what the athlete wants to achieve in his career, like receiving a college scholarship and/or racing in the world cup circuit. These are what we can call dreams, and they are kept in the back of the athlete’s mind. But they are the most powerful driving force, even though the focus in them is sporadic.

Seasonal goals: these goals are essential to steer the competition period. Examples are to attain a certain ranking or points level, or break into a more competitive environment.

Competitive goals are those set for certain competitions that will allow the racer to qualify for events, or be named to a team. These goals are important as they permit to achieve the seasonal goals.

Training goals are the ones set to achieve the competitive goals, by working physical, mental and technical abilities.

Lifestyle goals are those set to improve the athlete’s general lifestyle to achieve all of the above goals.

Finally, goals must be challenging, but attainable. They should be only reachable by hard work. They should be time-limited and measurable. It is important to consider always the possibility of attaining a degree of the goal, rather than absolute attainment. There will always be improvement towards a goal through sustained and hard work. There is really no end in the process of goal setting, as they are constantly revised and new ones have to be set, once the previous ones are achieved.


Deadline for season’s pass purchase extended

Cypress Mountain has kindly extended the deadline for the purchase of discounted season’s passes. Log to our website and click on Join the Club, then Discounted Season Passes, and follow instructions.

This offer is open to all your family members, friends, neighbours etc.


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Why tuning skis is so important….

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Last night, at our Club Cabin, Christian Hillier from Sidecut hosted a tuning clinic. The importance of properly tuned skis can never be overemphasized. But to properly tune skis is an art, that can only be learned by listening to an expert and then tuning a lot of skis.

A properly tuned ski will turn better, will hold on ice, will be easier to pivot and will not track. Tracking is when the base is lower then the edges which then act like a railroad track, not allowing the skis to sideslip. The skis will also take you wherever they want!!

Skis properly tuned and waxed will perform on hard snow, slush or any snow conditions. But in order to sharpen your edges, several steps have to be performed first so the proper base and side edge angles are created.

Unfortunately, not enough importance is given to ski tuning. All those that attended surely learnt a great deal. I could see parents that last year was their first encounter with ski tuning asking interesting questions, and purchasing the right tools. I was sad that not enough parents and children took advantage of this opportunity.

But stay tuned!!!! We might have Christian again at our club Cabin. You can also access tuning clinics at Vancouver Ski Services